Days of Mac and Run


Mt. Ohyama

When I switched to a new sofa, my back pain got worse.

When I sit down, every time I stand up, I get a lot of pain (crying)

That's why I can't sit down forever.


So today, everyone caught me and ran 30km.

I wish I could run on a flat road, but I wanted to see how the autumn leaves of Mt. Ohyama were going, so I went to Mt. Ohyama.



I wish I could go further, but I chose a course with a lot of rugulations.



On the way back, go down to R246 and go east.


wish I could run on the "new road" so as not to get in the way of such a bus, but I always run on the old road because I like the "old road" with an unmanned direct sales place because it has a taste.


This is the season for persimmons.


How about a Sweet Persimmon?


Pray for safe delivery at  Hibita shrine  


I didn't have a grandchild, but I thought I'd pray before I could...

In the past, there were many people who scraped the pillars in the picture to make them an amulet, and it is forbidden to shave now because the pillars were worn out because they were shaved too much.

I arrived at the end of the bus while taking such a detour.


Just 15km from home! The time is about 95 minutes

Hydrate and go home right away.


For the course, go down to Isehara Station and take R246 towards Shibuya.

I took a break at the convenience store twice and went


Although there was sunshine, it was a perfect day for jogging without feeling the heat.


See you Hagain👋


iikagenna eigo desu🤣